Digital Citizenship Vietnam

Digital Citizenship Vietnam aims to promote online safety and digital skills among Vietnamese youth. The program supports a range of stakeholders involved in addressing the lack of resources in Vietnam dedicated to expanding knowledge of online best practices for fostering a better digital environment in Vietnam.

Digital Citizenship Vietnam is active in outreach, advocacy and research. Highlights of our work:



The program’s two main online portals for outreach to Vietnamese youth on digital citizenship issues are:

  • Chonghack (‘Fight Hacking’) – a website with a broad range of articles and videos devoted to strengthening key digital safety skills that underpin effective use of the internet. With well over 100,000 page fans, the Chong Hack Facebook Page is an important source of digital safety guidance in a market in much need of such resources.
  • Hiepsihiendaicom (‘Modern Heroes’) – supporting young, socially active Vietnamese with educational videos on social media campaigning, online petitions, crowdfunding and secure management of Facebook Pages and other online accounts.


The program works with key Vietnamese civil society organizations and industry associations to promote digital citizenship as a core component of Vietnam’s education curriculum. Check back soon for more details!


The program has initiated numerous campaigns to promote various aspects of online safety among Vietnamese youth:

  • #ChongHackFB (‘Fight Facebook Hacking’) – The celebrity-led online campaigns engaged tens of thousands of Vietnamese internet users to set up two-factor authentication for the first time, to protect their accounts from hackers.
  • Safer Internet Day 2016 (Tu Te Online) – The inaugural SID Vietnam was organized in collaboration with the Vietnamese NGO Live & Learn, and engaged thousands of secondary school students and internet users to participate in artwork and video contests, among other digital safety learning opportunities.
  • #BaoMatOnline la #BaoVeToQuoc – Following several high-profile corporate hacking incidents, this online campaign engaged dozens of youth to submit poster artwork and cartoons around the theme ‘Protect Your Accounts to Help Protect National Security.’
  • #KhongBatMi (‘Keep Your Secrets’) – As part of Safer Internet Day 2017, this campaign tested Vietnamese awareness of social engineering, using numerous fake ‘phishing’ adverts on Facebook, as well as a spoofed log-in page for HCM City’s Tan Son Nhat Airport free wi-fi. Over 13,000 people almost gave away their email passwords, but instead received a warning and were sent to a campaign page that provided information on five basic digital security steps (including how to recognize phishing attacks).


The program publishes FlashNotes that detail program campaigns and activities as well as other social media happenings relevant to enhancing knowledge of digital citizenship initiatives in Vietnam.