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SEA Changemakers

Building digital safety skills and awareness among youth and civil society in Southeast Asia

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SEA Changemakers aims to promote digital safety and a better online environment for youth and civil society in three Southeast Asian countries. The program works with a range of partners in Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam to address the lack of resources on digital safety and cyber-wellness, particularly for youth and marginalized groups.

The SEA Changemakers program is active in outreach, training, advocacy and research.

Highlights of our work:


The program’s outreach channels include several Facebook pages dedicated to raising youth awareness on digital safety:

  • Chong Hack: A Vietnamese-language Facebook page and website dedicated to digital safety awareness. Managed by Vietnet-ICT and the Vietnam YIGF youth committee.
  • Chum Rum Digital: A Khmer-language Facebook page dedicated to digital safety awareness, launched in 2020.


Experienced digital safety training teams offer localized versions of the SecDev Foundation’s CyberStar digital hygiene training course to individuals and civil society organizations. Over time, the program will develop web portals with online assessments and course materials:

Digital Safety Hub (launching soon!): A Vietnamese-language Facebook page and website based around a digital safety self-assessment tool for individuals and organizations.


The program supports a range of local stakeholders to improve digital safety education outcomes, and better integrate digital safety and digital rights as core components of national digital strategies. Working through youth via YIGF initiatives, the program supports young digital champions to engage policy-makers on digital safety and online privacy/data protection.

In Vietnam, a research collaboration with the Institute of Policy Studies has resulted in an important white paper on the central role of digital safety and digital citizenship as a pillar of Vietnam National Digital Transformation plan.

In addition, the project is active in research efforts to better understand the particular digital safety challenges facing marginalized communities, particularly ethnic minority youth in Vietnam’s highland areas.


The program’s research efforts focus on demonstrating the importance of individual digital safety and digital citizenship competencies as a fundamental right and a foundation for national digital strategies. In addition, there is a focus on understanding the particular digital safety challenges faced by vulnerable and marginalized communities including women, ethnic minorities, disabled peoples and LGBT groups.

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