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MENA CSO Safety & Resilience

Enhancing the adaptive resilience of Civil Society Organizations in the Middle East and North Africa through integrated security assistance

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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Civil Society Organization (CSOs) Safety & Resilience project aims to measurably and sustainably strengthen the security, safety, and resilience of civil society organizations in six countries across the MENA region. The selected partner organizations receive integrated security assistance across three domains – psychosocial, digital and physical – in a way tailored to their needs and circumstances.

The approach is practical, trauma-informed, localized and is focused on building local capacity for increased adaptive resilience. While maintaining focus on psychosocial, digital and physical security, MENA CSO Safety & Resilience lays out mutually reinforcing systems of change that can help CSOs achieve long-term progress toward improved resilience. The goal is that over time, CSOs will have enhanced their organizational capacity to effectively plan, recover, innovate and prosper in the face of sustained and dynamic adversity. In doing so they will ultimately have improved capacity to succeed in their core missions, be it advancing human rights, training local communities or advocating for social change.

This project takes a closer look at integrated security for civil society organizations through the lens of multiple security domains. The SecDev Foundation is taking lead on digital security, bringing its proven and successful digital safety methodology of CyberSTAR. CyberSTAR (Security, Training, Audit & Response) validated as an effective approach for smaller, at-risk organizations in many countries across the MENA region, Eurasia and Southeast Asia, is aligned well with holistic security requirements. It aids the organizations in introducing and consistently following digital safety best-practices across different contexts.