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What We Do

Building a Better World

Through Digital Opportunity, Safety and Citizenship

The SecDev Foundation is a Canadian-based think-do tank that wants better digital futures for all.

We operate globally — with civil society networks, industry and governments — to help communities pursue digital opportunity, safety and citizenship. We work to ensure all of our partners and beneficiaries — especially women and youth — have the skills and knowledge they need to protect themselves from digital harm, and become great digital citizens. We help societies better navigate the emerging opportunities of the global digital economy, which is founded on savvy digital citizens. We help local communities build digital bridges in countries affected by conflict and war.

The SecDev Foundation is a Canadian-based NGO with current operational programming in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Eurasian region. Our work is supported by different funders, including  the International Development Research Centre (IDRC),  The Embassy of the Netherlands,  Grand Challenges Canada, the Global Peace and Security Fund (GAC), Public Safety Canada, Facebook, and Google. Our past and present partnerships and projects are located in Eurasia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Western Europe and Canada.

Our Mission

is to enhance safety and opportunity for the world’s most vulnerable using new technology to promote positive change.


We use technology and open intelligence to anticipate events in the world’s hotspots.  


We apply proven analytical methods to data and events in the development of actionable intelligence.


We offer technological solutions to communities at risk to enhance safety and increase opportunity. 


We constantly assess our own efforts as well as those of others to help the vulnerable as much as we can.

People We've Connected

22.5 Million
Secure User Sessions Supported
5624 People Helped
Digital Emergency Responses

How we help

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Digital Safety, Opportunity and Citizenship

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