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The urban canvas, splashed with color: A recap of session 5 at TEDGlobal 2014

Original posted to TEDBlog by: Tedstaff

This session was all about cities. From speakers parsing the cycles of violence in them, to those thinking far outside the box on what they could look like, read up on these ideas for cities.

Robert Muggah is troubled by our cities. Not urban success stories like Shanghai and Seoul, but those that he calls “fragile cities,” quickly urbanizing cities like Nairobi and Mumbai. Says Muggah, “We’re facing a stark dilemma, where some cities are going to thrive and drive global growth, while others stumble and fall backward.” If we start paying attention to cities teetering on the edge, he says, we can cut deadly violence by 50 percent in the next three decades. But we have to act fast: As social media explodes as a way for gangs and violent organizations to recruit, coerce and intimidate young unemployed men, says Muggah, “Violence is going virtual.” What the world needs is for healthier, wealthier cities to partner with fragile cities, to share learnings on education and positive community building – because, says Muggah, “There’s nothing inevitable about lethal violence.”




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