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SalamaTech: Helping Syrians Communicate

The SecDev Foundation project, SalamaTech, has been enjoying increasing coverage of its efforts to help Syrians communicate securely and effectively.

Two prominent Syrian news and culture websites, alSouria.net and All4Syria.info, published profiles of SalamaTech’s work on their websites recently. The coverage highlights Salamatech’s role enabling civil society groups in Syria to communicate safely and securely by protecting their personal information and online accounts from hackers and malicious actors. The profiles stress the importance of implementing basic digital security measures, in order to ensure online information is protected.

SalamaTech was also featured on souriat.com. The article – intended for Syrian activists, journalists and civil society actors – explains, in practical steps, how users can use YouTube (and social media more broadly) to effectively communicate their messages to international audiences.

SalamaTech is redoubling its efforts to support Syrians with the upcoming launch of the Be Heard learning portal. Be Heard is an easy-to-use e-learning portal providing Syrians with multimedia, how-to content on digital safety, digital journalism and social media outreach. Built for a mobile-first, high-risk environment, Be Heard helps Syrians communicate through conflict.

The SalamaTech Project builds the capacity of Syrian civil society to communicate safely online.

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