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SalamaTech Featured on Syrian Dossiers

SalamaTech team member, Basel Matar, took part in a radio show this week to discuss digital threats facing Syrian activists and how they might be addressed. The show, Syrian Dossiers, is aired on the Syrian dissident radio station, Radio Al Kul, based in Turkey. The station broadcasts across Syria and also maintains an active online presence.

The program also featured two Syrian activists from inside Syria sharing their challenges and coping mechanisms. One participant was digital security savvy while the other was a citizen journalist.

Matar answered questions about SalamaTech, discussed the risks posed to Syrian activists in cyber space, and more importantly, what can be done to enhance security. He stressed that anonymity is very important, understanding the tools, programmes and platforms activists use is vital.

The program, which is in Arabic, is available here below:

Image Credit: ShutterstockJHK2303

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