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SalamaTech featured in prominent Syrian e-magazine: Zaman al-Wasl

Zaman Al-Wasl, a Syrian independent news website, interviewed a member of the SalamaTech team and published an article (in Arabic) that highlights SalamaTech’s role in assisting Syrians to communicate safely and effectively online.

In summary, the article explains how the Syrian regime has been surveilling social media platforms to monitor Syrian activists, as well as their communications, networks and activities. The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) is invested in an information war where the SEA regularly attacks social media accounts and websites belonging to Syrian activists, aiming to silence activist voices and dissent.

The article explains how SalamaTech  is an endeavour that was driven by the fact that safe communication and free flow of information is a basic human right. The article profiles SalamaTech’s main activities, including the monitoring of cyber space for digital threats that affect Syrians, disseminating warnings to alert Syrians to potential threats and developing public resources to inform Syrians about digital risks and how to ensure safe online practices.

The article also highlights SalamaTech’s latest initiative (to be launched in early Fall 2015), the Be Heard Portal, which is a ‘mobile-first’ online learning portal that includes simple how-to guides on safe and effective online communications. This portal is meant to be an alternative and accessible resource for Syrian activists who cannot leave Syria and want to craft effective messages in order to ensure non-violent Syrian voices are heard amidst the noise of conflict.