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Prevent Violent Extremism: Social Media Research Portal

The SecDev Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of a new Social Media & Prevent Violent Extremism Research Portal

The portal gathers an annotated collection of recent research on the ways in which social media and new technologies may be leveraged in the fight against violent extremism. Understanding the role of social media in both propagating and combatting violent extremism is a rapidly emerging area. It is also highly complex, awash with methodological and ethnical challenges, and requiring interdisciplinary, cross-domain collaboration, as many of the articles gathered here demonstrate.

The portal is a joint initiative between the SecDev Foundation and SecDev, with support from the Government of Canada’s Kanishka Project. 

The Kanishka Project is a multi-year initiative funded by the Government of Canada to support terrorism-focused research. Unveiled on June 23, 2011, the project is named after the Air India Flight 182 plane that that crashed  on June 23, 1985 near the west coast of Ireland after a bomb planted on the aircraft exploded. 329 people died, most of them Canadian. It was the the single largest loss of life to an terrorist attack in Canadian history.

The Government of Canada’s Kanishka  Initiative invests in research to increase understanding of the recruitment methods and tactics of terrorists and other violent extremists, to help produce more effective policies, tools and resources to prevent violent extremism. 

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