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Prevent Violent Extremism Social Media

Prevent Violent Extremism and Social Media: Expert Views

Prevent Violent Extremism and Social Media: Expert Views

Violent extremism is a complex subject. Analysts, pundits and politicians disagree about how one becomes an extremist, how law enforcement should deal with these individuals, and, increasingly, the role that social media plays in the radicalization process. Some argue that individuals become radical due to their nature, others by circumstance. Reacting to the return of foreign fighters, particularly in light of the major attacks in Europe, politicians have argued for a hard handed law enforcement approach, others a more nuanced understanding of what makes individuals leave to pursue radical aims and the different reasons they return home. The role of social media is as hotly debated. These platforms can lower the bar for participation, enable lone wolves to embrace transnational extremism, facilitate recruitment and enforce fear and control. Social media can also be used to help track these individuals, analyse extremist narratives and combat them through joint initiatives by the government and private sector.

Experts explore these themes and more in a series of special interviews conducted by The SecDev Foundation specifically for our research portal on Violent Extremism and Social Media.

Watch the playlist of interviews here below or visit the research portal for more information.

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